Hall Residence

The program called for a residence suitable for an older couple. Accessibility was a primary requirement, with views to the Intercoastal Waterway equally important. Passive design features including daylighting and use of the afternoon sea breeze for cooling had to be addressed along with privacy issues inherent in a densely developed area. The site is bordered on the north and south by large homes; on the west by the road; and on the east by the water. Due to the sun exposure on the west and privacy needs north and south, the primary view is limited to the east.

DSC08839 (2).JPG

Living space

To provide long-term use, the home has an accessible bathroom and bedroom on the first floor. The kitchen is also designed for use by the disabled. Accessibility to the second floor is readily addressed via elevator. The exterior of the home is sheltered from the west exposure by a layering of planes offering shade and higher degrees of privacy as one approaches the residence. The use of sun screens are employed to control any direct sunlight.

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The living spaces and master bedroom open out onto deep porches along the pool, allowing the interior to be flooded with daylight and bathed in the breeze. These porches are designed for a variety of uses including cooking, dining, entertaining, sunning and sleeping. Simplicity in the program resulted in a functional solution which will allow the couple to fully and simply enjoy the view and climate offered.

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