241& 237 Commercial Building

Since the advent of Innovation Square in Gainesville, Florida, SVM, Inc. has been involved in the design of new residential buildings and the renovation of several commercial buildings surrounding this developing hub for the business/research community. As businesses grow past the incubation stage, many have moved to these newly created offices which SVM designed using buildings that are often over 50 years old.


Each renovation required extensive to comprehensive renovations of the building systems, often leaving only the structure intact. By employing new building envelope technologies, energy efficient glazing, HVAC, lighting and solar screening systems, these dilapidated buildings now have the vibrant life needed to facilitate creativity.


Interior build-outs vary from free-thinking open spaces to interiors specifically designed in response to unique needs. The exteriors have been given a new forward-thinking attitude as well, with outdoor gathering spaces for collaboration and creative growth.


These renovations exemplify the unforeseen potential that thoughtful adaptive reuse and renovation can produce. SVM welcomes the opportunity to design beyond your expectations.